Arbequina Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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IOO112 – Medium Intensity
Country of Origin: USA - California
Crush Date: November 2021


This California Arbequina is balanced and displays malty and savory flavors with a creamy green almond center and lingering pungency. Other notes: delicate grass, apple.

Organoleptic* Taste Panel Assessment
Fruitiness   4.5
Bitterness   3.8
Pungency   4.2

**Biophenols:     377.7 ppm               Oleic Acid:    68.6
    DAGs:              95.6                      FFA:              0.16
    Peroxide:           4.4                    **PPP:           <1.0
    Squalene:    2,460.3                      A-Tocopherols:  286.4

*An organoleptic taste panel assessment means a team of 10 people have taste-tested the olive oil.

For an olive oil to be labeled extra virgin, a taste panel just has to find no taste or smell defects with the olive oil. For an olive oil to be labeled ultra-premium, they have to meet a certain criteria for 3 categories: Fruitiness, Bitterness, and Pungency. (Minimum 3.5 for fruitiness, minimum 2.0 for bitterness, and minimum 2.0 for pungency)

The taste panel assessment also makes it very easy to help people figure out which olive oil they like – if you find yourself enjoying an olive oil that has a high bitterness score, you will generally like other olive oils that have a similar score.

**As measured at the time of crush

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